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It's a family business

Bill and Shirley Elliott farmed at the current address of Fieldcrest International Commodities head office at RR#3 Thorndale.  It was their son Patrick Elliott who continued the farming business and developed an interest in drybean farming in 1980. 

As the production grew in the area, Pat saw an opportunity to build a dry bean processing plant in 1997. 

Since those early days the processing plant has been modified and updated several times to include the latest technology for processing dry beans. 

In 2019 and 2020 Pat Elliott reinvested and retooled in the bean processing plant with new equipment.  These efforts are to use the most current equipment and technology available to produce a high-quality product. 

Fieldcrest International Commodities Ltd. was formed to market and process drybeans grown by Elliott Grain Ltd. farms and local bean growers. Our bean growers are proud to provide well managed high quality crops year after year.  

This is a generational family business. Several family members are involved in this business.  Pat’s children Jennifer, Nicole, Shawn and Brooke Elliott have all held various roles in the family businesses over the years. Some continue and some have left to pursue different careers and passions. 

Tooday, the operations and marketing program is led by Bettie Gibbs.  Bettie has over 40 years of experience in marketing and shipping beans domestically and around the world. 

Fieldcrest has long term relationships with valued freight forwarders, logistics coordinators, customs brokers, and trucking companies to get your products to you seamlessly.